T-Mobile has really been pushing to get customers of other carriers to switch to them. Starting with their announcement of becoming an Un-Carrier back in March 2013, and losing the contracts, they have really made some waves. Since then then they have begun paying customers’ ETFs and buying their old devices. They really have turned […]


After crawling through the Internet and Reddit I found this trio of photo apps professionally created but a little underground by the looks of it. Morpholio is a group of photo apps with different functions. I decided to start with Morpholio Frame. It is a two-in-one photo editor and collage creator. I’ll cover the rest […]


I gotta talk about synchronisation here. I have a Windows Phone 8.1 device, and I have my Surface from Microsoft. I was actually amazed by it. The second I signed into my Surface with my Microsoft account, it came up with my bookmarks, history and all in IE. It synced my accent colour (teal if […]

Surface Pro 2

Yeah, I know. Y’all were expecting the SP3. Well, I got a SP2 instead. And I was shocked by how awesome it was. The second I turned it on and entered my Microsoft account details, I had all the stuff from my Windows Phone on my Surface. Browser history, favourites, accent colour, even tab sync […]