Samsung Galaxy S III Review

I’ve seen a lot of Android devices and they start to meld together and become one generic beast after a while. Weight begins to feel the same, color and size are in a common range. They all run one OS version lower than is currently released. I’ve become bored of Android phones because of this. The coolness factor begins to wear out when manufacturers pump out devices so fast that the newest one today is old when you go to the store tomorrow. But one line of Android phones has consistently outranked the others and I’ve been very impressed by the newest in the line of Samsung Galaxy S devices — the Samsung Galaxy S III.
Every phone that comes out claims it’s lighter and thinner and so much easier to hold and use but the Galaxy S III has them beat. My wife thought her Samsung Fascinate (part of the Galaxy S family) was thin and light but even she was surprised when she held the Galaxy S III! Not to mention the screen is beautiful to look at. I could play with the live wallpaper all day just because it looks so pretty.

Throwing the phone in my pocket, even with it’s large footprint, wasn’t anymore of a hassle than carrying my Thunderbolt (I even managed to carry both in the same pocket a couple of times and not notice too large of a bulge in the side of my leg).

I was let down by the fact that Verizon is blocking Google Wallet from being installed and run on the device. I even tried side-loading the app but it wouldn’t install at all. According to rumor it is because of ISIS, or another NFC payment app, but I wish that Verizon wouldn’t have been so stingy and let users install Google Wallet if they wanted. I was especially looking forward to reviewing this device for that since I signed up for Google Wallet when I reviewed the Galaxy Nexus and wasn’t able to try it out much with that device or any prior to it.

All the cool features that the commercials show are only great if your friends have Galaxy S III phones, unfortunately I didn’t have anyone to try them out with around me since most of the people I know are not scheduled for upgrades yet and have older Android phones without all the cool features. The anti-Apple commercials that they are showing on TV don’t show you that part.

Despite not getting to try everything on the phone and its lack of Google Wallet, my time with the Samsung Galaxy S III was very enjoyable. Wait, let me underline and bold that: very enjoyable. There. If someone were to ask me right now which Android phone I would purchase I would point them toward the Galaxy S III (In fact, I did that this morning to a fellow colleague). It is a really great phone and one that should last you through the next two years so long as Samsung keeps it updated with Key Lime Pie (Android 4.2) in a few months time.

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