Today’s a very exciting day for us at This Mobile Life. Because today we’re announcing the launch of the MobiLife Survey in conjunction with iStorage! What’s a MobiLife? MobiLife is the new survey from This Mobile Life which attempts to determine people’s mobile technology habits and traits. We’re trying to find out how the average […]


  According to WPbench, one of the Windows Phone Store’s oldest and most trusted benchmarkers, a new Windows Phone update 8.10.14130.0 is already in the wild (in testing labs somewhere, presumably). The current version numbers are 8.0.9903 for vanilla WP8, 8.0.10512 for WP8 GDR3 and for the dev preview of WP8.1 8.10.12397. Could this be an […]

T-Mobile has really been pushing to get customers of other carriers to switch to them. Starting with their announcement of becoming an Un-Carrier back in March 2013, and losing the contracts, they have really made some waves. Since then then they have begun paying customers’ ETFs and buying their old devices. They really have turned […]